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As we age, several physiological processes take place. Our joints stiffen and undergo arthritic change known as osteoarthritis (a wear and tear process). Our bones are constantly being remodelled through absorption and formation. When this balance is disturbed and there is more absorption, our bones become more brittle leading to fragility and bone density loss, which may result in osteoporosis. Our cartilage in our joints also lose water content and undergo compositional changes. This results in our cartilage losing its ability to shock absorb and cushion forces that are applied to our joints. Our ligaments and tendons lose elasticity as we age and thus become less flexible.  As a result older people may lose joint mobility, range of motion, and suffer from chronic pain due to inflammation. 

Age-related changes to the musculoskeletal system are ultimately a normal process. The degree and rate at which these changes occur can be manipulated. Regular moderate-intensity exercise can be very beneficial in slowing down these arthritic changes. Stretching allows us to maintain our flexibility thus maintaining some of our joint mobility. Strength or resistance training allows us to increase muscle mass, increases strength and may lead to increased bone density, lessening the chance of a fracture.

Chiropractic mobilisations and manipulations are useful to help maintain mobility of the joints in the spine and extremities.  

If these conditions related to reduced joint mobility are left untreated, the condition may worsen and the ability to perform normal day-to-day activities, like hanging washing on the line or reaching up into a kitchen cupboard, may be lost.

At Spina Vita Chiropractic, we can help reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with the following conditions:
• Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
• Arthritic disease
• Muscle strain
• Ligament sprains
• Osteoarthritis
• Knee, hip, ankle and foot arthritis
• Shoulder, wrist and hand arthritis
• Bursitis
• Headaches
• Neck and lower back stiffness
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Lumbar/Cervical spine degeneration

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