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Welcome to paediatrics at Spina Vita!
We are excited to help you and your baby with expert, professional and efficient chiropractic care. Our focus for paediatrics at Spina Vita, is to create an environment where parents and babies feel comfortable, at-ease and satisfied with treatment.

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an exciting time in our lives, leaving us feeling a  combination of joy, love and hope for the future. For new parents, sleepless nights, bonding, feeding, changing diapers and burping your baby, become something of the norm. As a new parent, we can sometimes stress about our babies and may have angst around their well-being. The signs of a healthy, happy baby includes: good feeding and weight gain, adequate diapers (8-10 a day), babies that turn towards sounds, a baby that can support its own body weight and a baby that reaches its developmental milestones within the adequate time frame.

At Spina Vita, we recognise the unique anatomical and physiological processes within the paediatric population and treat these patients accordingly. Paediatrics is divided into neonates (birth up to 28 days), infants (a child under 1 year of age), juveniles (the period between infantile and adult) and adolescents (period that includes the onset of physiologically normal puberty.) We treat all levels of paediatrics at Spina Vita.

Your baby is incredibly fascinating with regards to the developmental processes they undergo. As babies grow, they take on a unique structural union. Your baby’s joints are separated by cartilaginous growth plates. In other words, their bones are not fully united (congruent.) If there is a pathological biomechanical influence at play, a baby’s musculoskeletal system’s development may take on a non-uniform structure and the incidence of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic disease in future, is very likely.

One in three humans lives with pain and disability related to musculoskeletal health, worldwide. It is important to identify and treat congenital/ developmental musculoskeletal issues sooner in life, in order to prevent musculoskeletal pain/disease in adulthood. This is where chiropractic care can assist in improving musculoskeletal health and reduces disease.

At Spina Vita Chiropractic, we will take you through a thorough case history. We will ask you about your baby’s type of birth, at what week they were born, whether the delivery was complicated or not and what challenges you have faced as a parent, in general. We will ask you questions about your labour, your baby’s delivery, their immunisation status, their feeding history, bladder and bowel movements, known allergies, general interaction with the environment, responses to certain stimuli and whether they are reaching their developmental milestones within the appropriate timeframe. Chiropractic care in the paediatric population differs greatly to adults. Your chiropractor uses very gentle techniques to help relax joints and stimulate the nervous system.

Chiropractors can help in the following ways:
• Assessment of spinal and musculoskeletal health in the infant
• Assisting in post-birth recovery
• Aid in proper infant development
• Reduce pain and improve mobility in infantile musculoskeletal disorders
• Improved crawling
• Improved breast feeding
• Improved gastrointestinal health

Some of the conditions that we treat and manage at Spina Vita:
• Plagiocephally
• Reflux
• Colic
• Kiss Syndrome
• Latching Problems (breast feeding)
• Torticollis
• Constipation
• Winding Problems
• Asymmetrical Crawling

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